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Website Blueprint

You wouldn’t just go and construct a building without thinking a design over beforehand, so why would you treat your website any differently? Consider our website - it’s quite beautiful, even if we do say so ourselves (we’ve never been too good at modesty). But beauty like this doesn’t happen overnight; it requires a meticulously thought out design.

The Big Picture

Wireframes are a visual representation of your website, they are essential for conveying your business’ objectives and creative ideas, acting as the perfect platform to arrange all of your web content (think interface elements and navigational systems). Wireframes aren’t suckered into the small things like graphics or typography, they focus on the big picture - what the screen actually does and the effect that it has on its users.

Information Hierarchy

Wireframes consist of a few, pivotal components: a simple layout structure, text blocks, calls to action, boxes for graphics, and ways to navigate through your site. They allow you to establish a hierarchy of information on your page, simplifies communication between you and your client, and act as the core blueprint for when you enter the design process.

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